Private Coaching

All golf instruction isn’t equal.  Jon has been told many times by new clients that he is different than any other coaches they had seen before.  He specializes in dynamic and physical analysis of the body and swing.  Most instruction focuses on WHAT is wrong and not WHY!  Jon educates the golfer on the importance of making their golf swing as efficient as possible within any physical limitations.  He covers all the Fundamentals of Performance.  These include instruction/skill acquisition (on and off course); short and long game; putting; course management; and developing continuing practice plans.

He has vast experience in coaching players of all levels, but most of his clients are tournament players (from high school golf through collegiate, amateurs and professionals).


Private coaching rates are:  $200 per hour  (Click here to Book a Lesson)

Annual Plans:

Annual plan 1 - $4,000 (includes up to 1 half day session per month based on availability)

Annual plan 2 - $8,000 (includes up to 2 half day sessions per month based on availability)

(Click here to contact Jon for availability of annual plans)

GolfPsych Coaching:

GolfPsych Introductory Package - $600 (includes Mental Game Builder Package and 2 hours with Jon to review your assessments)  (Click here to purchase)