TrackMan 4’s Dual Radar Technology is a significant milestone in the evolution of golf instruction, coaching, and fitting. It is data delivered in its purest form. We can now analyze and diagnose with fact-based confidence while banding together the forces of feel and real. Dual Radar Technology is a radical transformation in the way radar technology is applied in golf today. Using two radar systems instead of one obtains maximum data quality and increased pick up rates.

One radar system tracks everything the club does before, during, and after impact – from commonly known parameters like Club Path and Face Angle to Swing Direction and Spin Loft. The other radar system tracks the full ball flight – from launch to landing and everything in between; including Launch Angle, Spin Rate and curvature. The TrackMan 4 launch monitor measures and displays the full trajectory of any shot, from 6-foot (2 m) pitches to 400 yard (350 m) drives, pinpointing the landing position with an accuracy of 1½ feet (±0.5 m) at 160 yards (150 m). It also maps the shot’s 3D trajectory in real time, together with all impact and launch information. Don’t guess what we can measure.  

Trackman Combine – Benchmark your game
Trackman Combine is a standardized test that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. Discover the clear correlation between your Trackman Combine results and your success on the golf course. The Trackman Combine consists of 60 shots hit to selected distances. Trackman scores each shot on a scale of 0-100 based on your accuracy. When your Trackman Combine is completed, you receive an online report containing:

  • A Trackman Combine score for every yardage
  • An aggregate Trackman Combine Score
  • Your average distance to the pin for every yardage
  • Free access to the online Trackman Combine database to compare your scores with the pros and your peers
  • A percentile ranking for each yardage – based on the selected peer group

  • The Trackman Combine 60 shots have players hit 3 shots, twice to 9 different targets at 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160 and 180 yards. And 3 shots, twice with a driver. After taking a Trackman Combine, results can be accessed from the MyTrackman.com website and your smartphone. Scores can be compared by handicap, gender, age or region. 

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