Sinclair Golf is proud to have Jay Platt, PT, ATC, CSCS working with our clients who want to reach their full potential on the golf course by elevating their level of health and fitness. Jay graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Physical Therapy School in 1981 and has extensive experience in orthopedic, sports physical therapy, and manual therapy. Jay was in private practice for 15 years in Richardson, TX and has specialized in the biomechanics of golf, and golf injury rehabilitation since 1995. He established the BACKtoGOLF Performance Center in Austin from 1998-2008, and has lectured internationally on the biomechanics of the golf swing and golf injury rehabilitation. Jay traveled on the PGA TOUR 2006-2009 as a traveling physical therapist with Back9 Tour Services, and has experience working with all levels of golfers. Jay’s programs for golfers improve flexibility, mobility, strength, power, speed, and core stability. He will coordinate with your swing coach to maximize the benefits you will receive from strengthening your weaknesses. The main difference between his fitness program and other fitness training is that his program focuses on exercises that will translate into golf improvement.  

Golf Specific Assessment and Exercise Program ($500.00)
The first step is a SFMA assessment which identifies areas of weakness. Next Jay will create a customized exercise program to strengthen the areas of weakness. The final step is the delivery of the exercise program which includes Jay making video clips of the client doing the exercises correctly so they will have something to reference as they work on their own.

Individual Physical Therapy
Individual Physical Therapy sessions are also available with Jay Platt and include manual therapy, targeted therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular retraining and motor control based rehabilitation, and modalities for pain and inflammation control.   If you are interested in the Golf Specific Assessment and Exercise Program please contact us here