Edel Golf Offers the Best Feeling, Best Fitted Wedges in Golf

Edel Golf, in collaboration with Top 50 instructor Mike Adams, has created a comprehensive fitting system for wedges that is truly ground breaking. The player now has the ability to be custom fit for a set of wedges that accounts for the proper angle of attack between swing plane and the playing surface. Our fitting analysis will incorporate proper bounce angle, sole width, camber, radius, head weight, loft, lie, shaft flex and weight, and grip size. Combined with the ability to custom stamp the head and choose paint fill, your wedges will truly be one of a kind.

Edel wedges are designed to create more consistent shot making by incorporating enhancements to the club face. They have moved and expanded the center of percussion (sweet spot) of their wedges toward the toe in comparison to most traditional clubs, and away from the hosel. Additionally, they have extended the groove pattern on the face of the club to better frame the golf ball. Other wedge enhancements are a shorter hosel to remove unwanted weight from the heel, allowing the center of gravity to move closer to the true center of the golf club; and a slightly rounded leading edge which allows for the club to sit close to the ground while maintaining the proper bounce.

Your short game just got a lot better!

Come see Jon for a wedge fitting session!

Edel Club fittings are charged at the normal lesson rate and should be scheduled as a regular lesson (in the “Note” box please put Edel Wedge Fitting). NOTE: If you purchase an Edel wedge (or wedges) from us the price of the fitting will be credited towards the price of the wedge(s).

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