Golf is made up of several key elements:
Swing Mechanics; Fitness & Flexibility; Equipment; Course Management; Short Game; Putting; Mental Game; Nutrition; and Balance in Life.
At Sinclair’s Golf Training Center we integrate all elements of the game. We are always pushing to find new and innovative ways to educate our students and help them succeed.

All golf instruction isn’t equal. Jon Sinclair specializes in dynamic and physical analysis of the body. His instruction educates the golfer on the importance between their body and its efficiency. Most instruction focuses on WHAT is wrong and not WHY! Jon' s approach covers all the Fundamentals of Performance. These include instruction/skill acquisition (on and off course); short and long game; developing continuing practice plans; and fitness evaluations and program design. Jon also has the best mental game training available – GolfPsych. Working with Jon Sinclair will have you improving your swing characteristics and elevating your performance. Are you ready for an experience like never before?




GolfPysch is the premier mental game training system. Jon understands the importance of having a strong mental component. He provides individual or group mental game coaching once students have completed their assessment. The assessment is the critical element of the mental game evolutionary process. Once the golfer’s traits are established and compared to the 8 Champion Traits discovered by GolfPsych’s scientific research of frequent winners on Tour, your training program begins. Once you start to Thinking Like a Champion, you will increase the chances of achieving your golfing goals! Are you ready to play like a champion?
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