Custom club fitting is one of the most important elements of improving and maintaining your golf game.
At Sinclair Golf we do not offer the typical club fitting you would receive at a big box store or most country clubs.  We offer a Tour Quality fitting.  We use Trackman (launch monitor) for quantifiable, verifiable, non-bias data. We want to find the right club for your swing – not make your swing fit the club. 

We use:
PING AFS  - As an authorized PING fitter, we rely on the interchangeable drivers, irons and shafts in our Advanced Fitting System (AFS).
TITLEIST SURE-FIT SYSTEM – The Titleist Sure-Fit Bag has a selection of essential club options for fittings.

The fitting fees for Jon Sinclair are:
     Driver Fitting – $200
     Irons Fitting – $200
     Whole Bag Fitting – $500

To schedule a fitting with Jon please click here and select your fitting in the drop down box.

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