Why Choose Sinclair Golf?
Play Better Golf and Have More Fun!
World-class Coaching at a World-class Facility A One-of-a-kind, Customized Learning Experience

What Makes Us Different?
We conduct a thorough assessment of your fundamentals, technique and skill in all aspects of the game. We identify your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses – key areas where you are losing strokes. To facilitate enhanced performance, we support you with focused coaching and training so that you can build skill and confidence that transfers onto the golf course. Our coaches are outstanding Professionals. Golfers enrolled in our programs can expect to have fun, hit the ball farther and score lower.

4 Steps to Mastery
Our approach to coaching is unique – we understand the principles of motor learning and skill development. We provide golfers with the coaching and support services necessary to take an improved game onto the course by walking students up the 4 Steps of Mastery. 4 Steps of Mastery.
  • Understanding Cause and Effect
  • Supervised Practice
  • Transfer Training
  • PLAY

  • Step #1 to Better Golf
    One-Hour Swing and Skills Assessment
    See if Sinclair Golf is the right fit for you!
    Your first session at Sinclair Golf will show you that our proven programming will give you skills that translate into positive, measurable results that will keep you coming back!

    What to Expect – Arrival

    We are located on the back of the Texas Star Golf Course Driving Range and have our own parking lot.  At the bottom of our home page is a map showing our exact location (GPS and map apps sometimes do not find us). Please arrive 5 minutes before your session to warm up.

    What to Expect – During the Session
    You and your Coach will get to know each other. We want to learn about your unique needs and goals. When we know where you want to go, we can better help you get there! Your Coach will get the opportunity to watch you hit shots in all aspects of the game – driving, iron play, putting and chipping. Video, TrackMan and SAM PuttLab technology may be utilized for feedback purposes.

    After Your Assessment – Next Steps

    After your assessment your Coach will provide you with your Road Map to Success.  This will be based on your goals, available time and resources.  There is no pressure or obligation to “buy” or commit, but if you decide that you want to start down your road, talk to your Coach about getting started.